To one volume of water in clean container add equal volume of Eshan White Lime Wash. Stir well to get uniform consistency. Nor further dilution is required. Keep stirring during use. Use Eshan Gold Cem within 2 hours of mixing.


Curing should be done between 6 to 8 hours after application of each coat. Second coat should be applied after the first coat is properly cured & set depending on the climatic conditions. Spray water from bottom to top while curing. Do not use saline water for curing.

covering capacity

Covering capacity varies according to porosity & texture of the surface. For normal cement sand rendered surface Eshan White Lime Wash will give a coverage of approximately 2.00 to 3.00 sq.mt. per kg for two coat work.

The use of dark shade is not recommended over large unrelieved area. It is not advisable to use any water proofing area. It is not advisable to use any water proofing chemical as base coat, additive or top coat. Use of lime wash, white cement or any cement paint other than Eshan White Lime Wash as base coat is not recommended. Inter mixing of shades should be avoided.



Eshan White Lime Wash can be applied by brush, spray to most of the exterior surfaces except common bricks (unless they are completely dry), Gypsum plaster and surfaces previously painted with distemper, emulsion paint etc.

All surfaces must be sound and dry, Clean down the surface to remove loose dust or dirt & organic growth by use of stiff brush. Wet the surface thoroughly and allow water to run off. Apply mixed Eshan Gold Cem with good quality brush. The first coat should be well brushed into the surface to form a good bond. The second coat should be applied carefully after proper curing. For difficult surfaces Cement Primer mixed with an equal measure of clean water should be applied before first coat of Eshan White Lime Wash application. Do not apply in wet or frosty weather.




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