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Lime Plaster

Eshan Gold Plaster is a lime based plaster for finishing interior walls and ceilings. Eshan Gold Plaster can be used on rendered surfaces which gives a superior milky white marble finish.

Colour: The product is available in milky white colour.

Technical Data:

a) Filler: Precisely graded lime powder fraction maxGrain size passing through 300 micron sieve.
b) Density: 0.5 kg/lit when dry.
c) Coat Thickness: Max 1 mm.
e) Pot Life: 4 hrs. if enough water added (6" to 7" above Lime Plaster) can be stored for many number of days.
f) Water Addition: 1.5 lit/kg
g) Coverage: 1.5 to 2.0 brass / 10 kg
h) Packing: 10 kg, 20 kg HDPE laminated bag
I) Storage Life: Six months from the date of manufacturing, stored in cool and dry place.


Add Eshan Gold Lime to a bucket or drum containing clean water above the level of lime. Sock for minimum 12 hrs. in water to get a curd like paste (not very thick nor very thin). The paste is to be taken on a steel trowel and applied on fresh plaster after 1-2 hrs of natural drying in a paper thin (1 mm) coat. Do not apply a thick coat on freshly plastered wall or ceiling . The more you soak, the more coverage and better finish will be achieved.


Eshan Gold Lime Plaster is the India's 1st and only ISI mark product.


Q1: What exactly is "Eshan Gold" lime plaster?

Ans.: It is limestone that has gone through a chemical cycle to break it down and make it workable. Lime plaster starts as limestone, which is quarried out of the ground and burnt in lime kilns at very high temperatures. This drives the carbon dioxide from the calcium carbonate. What's left is calcium oxide, or "quicklime." These lumps of lightweight calcium oxide are then mixed with water ("slaked") to become a thick, white putty of calcium hydroxide, or "hydrated lime," which is further converted into the fine powder for use as lime plaster.

Q2: What is the application of "Eshan Gold" lime plaster?

Ans.: "Eshan Gold" lime plaster is mainly used for beautification of the wall for interior and exterior use. It is white and does not require further white wash on the wall.

Q3: What standard does "Eshan Gold" lime plaster conform to?

Ans.: It conforms to IS:712 as per BIS.

Q4: In what form/packing is "Eshan Gold" lime plaster is available?

Ans.: It is a fine powder form, available in 10kgs, 20kgs. packing

Q5: How can it be applied or used?

Ans.: It is to be applied on wet plaster, within two to five hours of cement plaster on the wall.

Q6: How it can be prepare for use?

Ans.: 10 kgs powder of "Eshan Gold" lime plaster is to be stored in a big drum and 15 litres water is to be powered into it. Mix the slurry well with the help of a stick and keep it for 6-8 hours as it is. After eight hours the water floating on the pest is to be removed gentally. The pest remain in the drum is to be mixed properly with 1-2 kg grey cement. "Eshan Gold" lime plaster is now ready for use.

Q7: How can it be applied on the wall?

Ans.: With the help of a trowel or “grumala”/"thapi", it can be spread evenly on the plaster with 1mm thickness.

Q8: Is water curing needed after application of "Eshan Gold" lime plaster?

Ans.: After 48 hours of application it can be wetted slowly, without providing pipe/jet pressure. It is highly recommended to spread water manually with a small container. Excess force/pressure of water may remove the lime plaster coating on the wall.

Q9: What happens if "Eshan Gold" lime plaster's thickness is more than recommended?

Ans.: Hair cracks will develop on the wall. "Eshan Gold" lime plaster is to be used as per instructions given on the package. The plaster is of very thin layer and only covers the small holes of cement plaster.

Q10: When will it be ready or effective on the wall?

Ans.: After 4-5 days of water curing the plaster will take 2-3 days to dry. The effect of "Eshan Gold" lime plasters will be seen as white and smooth surface.

Q10: What is the cost of "Eshan Gold" lime plaster?

Ans.: It is very competitive and approx. Rs.0.60 per square feet. It also saves the paint cost.

Q12: What is the coverage of "Eshan Gold" lime plaster?

Ans.: It is 1.5 to 2 brass coverage from 10kgs. bag.

Q13: What is the benefit of "Eshan Gold" lime plaster or why to use?

Ans.: It is a natural, eco-friendly product which will keep your house cool and prevent insects apart from the beautification and whiteness of the walls.

Q14: How long will "Eshan Gold" lime plaster last?

Ans.: It will last indefinitely as long as the cement plaster remains on your wall.

Q15: Is "Eshan Gold" lime plaster more expensive than conventional lime and wall putty?

Ans.: No, it is more economical than other options.

Q16: How product advice on facing problems at site?

Ans.: You can contact us in case of need.